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SDMS Forms New Nonprofit, Charitable Organization: SDMS Foundation

June 30, 2009

On June 25, the SDMS Board of Directors formally approved the organizational documents for a new nonprofit, charitable organization, the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Foundation (SDMS Foundation). The SDMS Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that the new SDMS Foundation operates with full transparency and remains focused on its mission. The SDMS Foundation will operate in a manner similar to the SDMS, where sound financial policies and financially conservative investment strategies carefully protect the monies entrusted to the SDMS Foundation by our members and the sonography community. The SDMS Executive Committee members have agreed to serve as the interim Board of Directors for the new SDMS Foundation - a new SDMS Foundation Board of Directors will be named by October. The new SDMS Foundation is expected to receive widespread support from SDMS members and the entire sonography community to help sustain its mission of providing programs that benefit the sonography community and the patients we serve.

The formation of the new SDMS Foundation occurred after the Board of Directors of the SDMS Educational Foundation announced its formal separation from its long-time affiliation with SDMS and changed its name to the International Foundation for Sonography Research and Education (IFSER). To avoid further confusion, the new SDMS Foundation has been structured to be permanently affiliated with the SDMS to ensure continued support of educational and research programs in the sonography community.

Charitable scholarship programs are important resources to SDMS student and sonographer members who need financial assistance for tuition and books, whether for initial education or to continue and advance their professional development. Educational grants to attend the SDMS Annual Conference can also engage students from the very beginning of their careers to become dedicated and loyal professionals. With employers far less likely to provide financial support to sonographers for continuing education, grants can help defray the cost of attending the SDMS Annual Conference while providing an important opportunity to refresh and expand their knowledge, to network with sonographers from across the world, and to learn about the latest technological advancements.

As the SDMS Foundation develops its new charitable programs, SDMS members are encouraged to offer their opinions on the needs of the profession and how the SDMS Foundation might help meet those needs. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send them to:


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