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SDMS Foundation Sonography Research Institute Program

Mission Statement:To advance healthcare by fostering the development of sonographer researchers.

The Sonography Research Institute (SRI) has been established through a strategic partnership among sonography organizations to assist sonographers with acquiring the skills and expertise to conduct and publish original sonographic research.

The SRI Program provides honorarium support, personal mentorship, and educational support to candidates, who are selected in a competitive review process, to participate in a two-year project culminating with the publication of original sonographic research work products in the Society’s journal, the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JDMS).

Experienced sonographer researchers will serve as SRI faculty/mentors and provide “Young Sonographer Investigators” with the skills and competencies to meet the needs of an evolving profession and healthcare system.

We would like to say "Thank you" to the program’s supporting organizations: The Breast Ultrasound Foundation, Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), Sage Publications, and the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Program Benefits

  • $2,000 (Honorarium payment of $500 will be issued after successful completion of the first six months of the program. The additional $1,500 honorarium to be paid upon successful completion of the program in December of 2014.)
  • Receive access to research methods and statistical texts, monographs, and related educational materials.
  • Each “Young Sonography Investigator” completing the program will be recognized at the 2015 SDMS/SDMS Foundation Awards Dinner & Ceremony and the JDMS.

Program Application Deadlines

  • Not Currently Accepting New Applications

Program Eligibility

  1. Current SDMS member in good standing (Corporate/Business/Institution and Supporting members are not eligible).
  2. Certified by a SDMS-recognized credentialing organization (currently ARDMS and CCI) in the specialty area in which the research is to be performed.
  3. Associate’s degree or higher
  4. Completed SDMS Foundation Sonography Research Institute Online Application, including required essay questions (see Essay Questions Guidelines) and required attachments must be submitted, before the application deadline.

Program Terms

  1. Applicant must commit to a two-year term to complete the project.
  2. Applicant must commit to attending quarterly conference calls with SRI faculty/ mentors.
  3. Applicant must demonstrate commitment from their institutional/facility to support sonography research efforts.
  4. Applicant must secure support from a Principal Investigator (PI) or Champion/ Institutional Mentor for the original sonographic research project.
  5. Applicant must produce a successful Institutional Review Board (IRB) application.
  6. Applicant must demonstrate commitment to learning and performing sonography research.
  7. All decisions by the SDMS Foundation are final.

Program Acceptance Process

  1. There will be between eight (8) and twelve (12) applicants chosen for the SRI project. Please note that three (3) of the approved research topics must focus on Breast Sonography, Vascular Sonography, and Venous – Phlebology.
  2. Completed applications are reviewed based on eligibility criteria and proposed research topic.
  3. All applicants will be notified by email once the participants have been chosen. (Please allow sixty (60) days after the published application deadline for the applications to be processed and evaluated.)
  4. Within three (3) weeks of the participants being chosen, a faculty member/mentor will contact each young sonographer investigator.

Click here to complete online application

Forms/Documentation You Will Need

Essay Question Guidelines

The online application includes multiple short essay questions. Responses to the essay questions must comply with these guidelines or the application will be disqualified. Note that spelling and grammar will be considered during the essay question review process.

It is recommended that applicants write and edit their responses to the essay questions with a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word) before completing the online application. Responses can then be copied/pasted from the word processor into the online application’s essay question boxes. (Note that all formatting such as bullets, font, and formatting including bold/underline/italic will be lost.) There is a limit of 2,000 characters per essay question. (A reminder with character count/remaining characters is provided below each essay question.)

Program Essay Questions

Personal Statement

  1. Why are you interested in the SRI project?
  2. What are your long term research goals?
  3. Why do you think you will be successful in this program?

Proposed Sonography Research Topic

  1. What is your proposed research question?
  2. Who are your research subjects and what is the significance of this population?
  3. Where will this research take place?

Program recipients are responsible for determining the tax implications of all funds received. Please consult a tax professional if you have questions.


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